2010 Tx Scholastic Southwest Collegiate High School Middle School Elementary Primary What is Where? Some Rules Chess In Education Standings Alpha PreRegs PreRegs by Section Team Rooms Side Event 2009 Results


Elementary:    Lone Star Ballroom A

Middle School:    Lone Star Ballroom B

Primary/K-1:    Lone Star Ballroom C

Bughouse on Saturday:    Lone Star Ballroom C

Parent/Coaches waiting area:    Preconvene

Northwest Design Tee Shirts:    Preconvene

PlunderChess:    Preconvene

Think Like a KIng Software was scheduled for the Preconvene area but the scheduled exhibitor got sick. We wish him a quick recovery

Master Team Pairing list will be placed on a table next to the playing area.

Pairing and Standings for K-1/Primary, Elementary and Middle School will be in the PreConvene area.  Note that on Saturday, we will put the Primary/K-1 Standings in the Press Club Room and then move them back on Sunday.  On Sunday we may put the Elementary Standings in the Press Club room.  In any event the pairings are also posted in the playing hall for each section.  For example, Middle School pairings will also be posted in Lone Star B.



High School:    Austin Ballroom

Blitz on Friday    Austin Ballroom

High School Pairing and Standings:  Austin Ballroom Hallway, an additional set of Pairings will be placed inside the Austin Ballroom

Cajun chess Equipment Vendor:    Press Club

Coach's Corner (NM Afred Carlin):    Press Club

TCA Membership Meeting: Seminar theatre

Austin Area Homeschool Team Room:    Pearl 1

Shimotsu Knights Team Room:    Pearl 2

Carson Elementary Team Rooms:    Pearl 4, 5

Registration/Chess Control:    Client's Office and Registraion on Friday and Saturday.  On Sunday on a table near there.

Skywalk to hotel hallway leads to the Lone star Ballrooms Playing Area, Parents waiting area in Preconvene, Tee Shirt Vendor and PlunderChess play test area.


Southwest Collegiate:    State Room 3

SW Collegiate Skittles:    State Room 2

Dallas Chess Club Team Room:    State Room 1

The Village School Team Room:    State Room 4

TD/Computer Room:    San Antonio B

Skittles on Friday/Saturday:    Houston Ballroom

Skittles on Sunday:    San Antonio A

Middle School Awards Ceremony:    Houston Ballroom




Arlington Classics Academy Team Room:    Trinity 3

Chess Plus Team Room:    Trinity 5