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 Function  Location
Registration/Check In Grand Ballroom PreFunction Reg Desk
Primary Grand Ballroom section A-C
K-1 Grand Ballroom section A-C
Elementary Grand Ballroom section J-L
Skittles/Parent waiting room Grand Ballroom section D-G
Tee Shirt Sales Grand Ballroom PreFunction
Vendor Booths Grand Ballroom PreFunction
Blitz Grand Ballroom section A-C
Bughouse Grand Ballroom section A-c
Book Vendor: South Texas Chess Chess Center Room 430
Pairing/Standings/ Primary/ K-1 Grand Ballroom PreFunction
Chess Control Grand Ballroom PreFunction Reg Desk
Bughouse Registration on Saturday Grand Ballroom PreFunction Reg Desk


Function Location
Collegiate Room 335A
Computer/Pairing Room Room 335C
TD/Volunteer Room Room 335C
GM Analysis Room Room 342
Chess In Education Conference Room 335B
TCA Meeting Room 335B
Team Room Room 327
Team Room Room 328
Team Room Room 329
Team Room Room 330
Team Room  Room 332
Team Room Room 333
Storage Room 334
Team Room Room 336
Team Room Room 337
Team Room Room 338
GM Analysis Room 342
Team Room Room 344
Team Room Room 346



Function Location
High School/Middle School Ballroom of the Americas D-F
Skittles/Parent Waiting area Ballroom of the Americas A-C
Pairings/Standings for HS and MS Ballroom of the Americas PreFunction